Tuesday, July 01, 2008


It was reported in Malaysiakini Vox Populi a reader quoted as saying : ‘I call upon the police to exercise logic, restraint and fair treatment in the wake of this latest revelation involving Anwar Ibrahim. I do not think that any arrest will go down well with the rakyat. Please do not test their patience.

Well it is very well said indeed. I do seriously hope that the case be resolved as soon as possible. I think most of the people are having the same feeling, that all of this is a politically motivated incident as an attempt to silent Anwar.

No, I am not saying that I am 100% sure that this is another political ploy, but at this juncture all signs are pointing towards that direction. What matter most is that most of the people (except a couple few of UMNO supporters) are having the perception that this is all a political ploy to undermined Anwar.

I can't imagine what will happen if Anwar is arrested, after the police are 'satisfied' that there is is incriminating evidence against Anwar. That effectively would trigger a second wave of Reformasi movement and would spell the doom of BN government.

The non-malays are already deserting BN/ UMNO, this episode if not handle properly would effectively left UMNO dry in term of support from the Malays. It is a situation of UMNO is shooting his own foot.

Internationally, it seems that the US has responded, quoting that
Washington oppose any politically-motivated investigation or prosecution of former DPM Anwar Ibrahim, who is facing fresh sodomy charges.

In my humble opinion, the police must quickly decide on the next course of action, and any further action must be based on solid evidence. Please don't repeat the court fiasco similar like the last sodomy case.

Malaysia just can't afford to have it again. Only God knows what will happen this time around.

Please don't test the people patience...

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