Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It was reported that Anwar Ibrahim was arrested an hour before he was due to present himself to the Police for questioning on the alleged sodomy charges against him. According to the report form Malaysiakini, Anwar was taken away in front of his house at Bukit Segambut.

The way I see it, UMNO has finally sealed itself for total destruction, and worse still loses the dominant as a Malay political party in the next election.

And the beauty of it is that it is of their own doing! of course with the help of the almighty PDRM! One could not imagine that the leadership of UMNO failed to learn from history! UMNO failed miserably in 1999! BN survived with the help of the Non-Malays. In 2008 the non-Malays deserted BN, while some Malays (mostly in the rural areas supported UMNO) but it would be harder next time around as the Malays and the Non-Malays will swing their votes to PR.

What can I say? Some people just doesn't learn!

Probably the CID chief is aspiring to be the next IGP.

May Allah put his curse on the people who participate in the conspiracy. Nauzubillah.


Anonymous said...

Fuck u 2 say UMNO will fall..
UMNO will be stronger when Abdullah is gone.

bukit kiara said...

I also support UMNO

Anonymous said...

Orang2 melayu dikampung2 sayang kan UMNO. Kelemahan UMNO dalam PRU12 bukan kerana kekuatan PKR atau DAP. Hanya kami mengikut nasihat Tun Dr. Mahathir untuk menghalau Abdullah dari puncak kuasa. Insyaallah, bila Abdullah telah disingkir, UMNO akan kuat semula.