Friday, June 13, 2008


I was called a racist, Tun M was called a racist and even Kit Siang too!

I think we Malaysian are all bloody racist. Many non-malays said that UMNO is racist, UMNO members said DAP is racist and PKR claimed that they are racist free.

Is it not racist when the Chinese claimed that they paid 90% of the income tax but received nothing for it? What the bloody F**K does that mean? When you pay taxes that meant you are earning more. Isn't that a sign that who is in control of the economy? Stop from telling me that the Malays are not paying just because they don't want to pay, the reality, most Malays earn less than the rest.

And now, waving a Keris is considered Racist and intimidating, but refusing to wear Songkok when having an audience with a Sultan is not ? Why most Malays not making noises to DAP on the issue just like DAP harping on the Keris issue?

Now, by saying that people will tell that I am racist!

Wait a minute, what about this, When most of us are saying that most IPTA are second rater due to non-meritocracy intake. So happen that most of those student are Malays, and they have difficulty in getting jobs in the private sectors. Employers blamed that IPTA have lack of quality!

Lack of quality my foot! Even they compare TAR College is better! Is that really true?

Now, what is true is that, most employers or their managers are racist lots or lords.

The intake or recruitment of by employers are mostly within one own race. Can a Malay expect equal treatment from a non-malays employers or managers? I doubt so! The same goes when a non-malays candidate sit in an interview for a government post. Racist at it best within Malaysia!

Don't bull me with anything about qualification or experience. I been there before and I am not talking bull here.

We Malaysian is one hell of a bloody racist lots.

Unfortunately for me, as a Malay, I am not suppose to write like this. This will make me a racist. But the rule does not apply to others. They can blame me for everything that happen to them, cause I am a Malay.

Damn.. I wonder what readers would say about this.

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