Friday, June 27, 2008


As reported in Malaysiakini VoxPopuli, ‘The reasons given for shelving the monorail and Porr projects in Penang are less than convincing and will make Penangites more determined to change the federal government.’

I cannot stop from laughing after reading it. It seems that Penangites will have to start to learn living in an opposition state. Kelantan have long live with it, and Terengganu tried once, then that they decided once is enough. Let us see, should Penangites is up to the pressure.

As commented by the reader of Malaysiakini, Leo Lim: The reported shelving of the Penang Outer Ring Road (Porr) and the monorail projects in Penang by the federal government shows the ‘power’ of the federal government in controlling development of the states in Malaysia.

Well, you see, it is always the federal government who will call the shot, while the state government only deals with land, religious and local matters.

A State government cannot function properly without working together with the Federal government due to the fact that Malaysia is a Federalism country.

Another Malaysiakini's reader commented, Peter Ooi: I am wondering whether we, the Penang people, do really belong to the nation called Malaysia. If we really are not, then kindly allow us to pay our income tax to the Penang government.

Tough luck Peter! Taxes are paid to the Federal government.

I bet you thatyou will not get special treatment like Sabah and Sarawak, due to that there are not many BN MPs from the state. (Well at least not many leaping frogs). BN is seriously thinking of a strategy to wrestle back Penang from DAP, and I think it will be a possibility.

We got to remember that Penang consist of the Island and Seberang Perai. Penang Island maybe a bastion of DAP but Seberang Perai, with substantial voters from the Malays community may stop voting for PAS or PKR in next election.

In it current conditions, the DAP dominated governments in Penang and Perak, together with PAS (Kedah) and PKR (Selangor), may (I say may) only survive a term each.

Things are not going as rosy as promised, while internal bickering between the loosely parties are not stopping. People are tired of rhetoric and promised, people want action!

At this juncture, most of the supporters (or even their leaders) are skeptical of each other. DAP claims that PAS will join UMNO and PKR will eventually re-join UMNO. While most Malays are terrified at DAP's Malaysian Malaysia concept.

In a nutshell, If DAP, PAS and PKR can't perform, PR federal government will be just a dream.


Anonymous said...

i believe what the federal gorv did
was wrong.absolutely childish!too many wrong decisions were made after the march 8.i think most of the top gun in BN still in COMA after hit by the march 8 tsunami.HAHA!!!!!believe me, the rakyat will gain incharge in very near future.

Prof Ng.

Erican said...

I personally veto to your statement. Wake up Penangnites. Time to call your shot...

jaybee said...

i say screw with the federal crybabies government.

annex ourself and make a country.

go to hell u corrupted biatch

Anonymous said...

First of all, what the federal goverment did was wrong. Those two projects are the one promised by the federal government before the election. Now they decide to postpone or cancel it. This sort of act is so disgusting and irresposible.
Also, dear "The Way I See It". If you are not a Penangite and did not vote in Penang. Don't make such a childish and silly remarks about what Penangites will and should do. Just comment on your own constituent, ok?

Anonymous said...

I read in a book that says during the fight for independence, there was a secessionist movement formed by a group of Penang Peranakans who wished to remain under British rule. I guess this part of history was wiped out from our school text books.
Penangites! What the Federal Government did was vindictive. It's time for us to stand up to the bullies.

CHee XtheMan said...


Most of Penangites were born not having any "GOLD KEY". We fight for living, we fight for freedom, we fight for keadilan !! We do not wait for anyone to help !! We have struggle before and we are not scare to be in struggle again. We will fight for a better place for all Malaysian

Anonymous said...

The Barisan Nasional regime has been ruling Malaysia for more than 50 years now. What the BN regime have given to Malaysians for the last 50 years or so has been one scandal after another. The scary bit of it is that there are yet more scandals that are yet to be uncovered. The reason for this is due to the bias and subservient nature of our enforcement bodies and sadly, our judiciary. This, coupled with a media governed by draconian laws such as the Sedition Act, Internal Security Act and the Printing Press Act has made the MSM a toothless tiger.

It is rather disheartening to see that the people are quick to judge the Pakatan Rakyat (Peoples Alliance) government in the 5 States they ruled when these very people kept silent to the abuses of the BN regime that ruled these States for more than 50 years. What’s more disturbing is the fact that these people are not happy that the Pakatan Rakyat Government in these 5 States are uncovering dirt left behind from the previous BN government. Why question a government that has been in power for little more than 100 days but keep quiet about a government that had ruled for more than 50 years?

Even more disheartening is the fact that NGO’s too have jumped into the bandwagon to discredit the Pakatan Rakyat Government which is in it’s infancy in the States they rule. Personalities like Joachim Xavier, BK Ong and Anil Netto have been firing away at the PR Government for the slightest mistake or shall I say misstep. What this people don’t realize is that they are playing into the hands of the BN propaganda machine that is orchestrated by the infamous 4th Floor Boys. Armed with the MSM, the BN propaganda machine is using the opinions and grievances of the People and the NGO’s to go on an onslaught against the Pakatan Rakyat. This can be seen as the only weapon the Badawi regime has to prevent itself from falling into political annihilation.

We must not allow ourselves to be duped or to be used by the BN regime if we want to free ourselves from its clutches. THE WAY I SEE IT, YOU GOT US PENANGITES ALL WRONG. WE HAD ENOUGH OF BN, BADAWI, NAJIB, TSU KOON. PR IS HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL BRO!

johnny cheah said...

What BN government. The 2 mega projects were promised to the Penang people before the 12th. GE. Now they lost Penang to the opposition and this is the end result. Anyway, don't be surprise what sleepy head can do. Remember, he said no price increase for petrol. What do we get? We have a drastic price increase. So folks, don't believe what they say

Anonymous said...

sighhhh..... our country is definately stepping backwards instead of going forward... really sad to accept this fact... i cant believe our PM just postphoned the monorail n PORR even after he injected additional of 30 bil in 9MP... come on man, PORR costs only 1.5 bil n monorail for 2 bil... 3.5bil compared to 30 bil even after canceling petrol subsidies? whr are the rakyats tax money going to?? why encouraged us to use public transport to tackle petrol price hike but ur canceling off the public transport project??

stay strong penangites.... lets show the gov what the penangites can do... no matter how bad the gov is treating pg, ill still have my vote on PR.... ill nvr bow my head to those cronies... penang is the 2nd source of income for the country, they should be the one bow ing to us, not penangites bowing to them... lets not get bullied anymore... i myself cannot make a difference but all of US, the penangites, can...

Anonymous said...

I suggest that Penang pulls out of Malaysia and be an independent country. We will be successful and can do even better than Singapore. Why did the majority of the Chinese and Indian Malaysians voted for the oposition? Because UMNO/BN are not treating us as equal citizens of this country. We feel like second class citizens in our own country. If we pull out of Malaysia, we will implement a meritocratic system and every citizen will have full equality before the law. Everyone will have an equal opportunity to jobs, education and business opportunities etc... We have been paying taxes to the federal govt for 50 years, what do we get back in return? All our monies have gone to UMNO and BN cronies who are CORRUPT to the core. The Penang Peranakans wanted Penang to remain under British rule. If we had stayed under British rule, we would now be as successful as Hong Kong or Singapore. Wake up Penagites, do we still want to remain in Malaysia ???

Anonymous said...

"The Way I See It"