Monday, June 30, 2008


According to a report from Malaysiakini, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will stay at the Turkish Embassy indefinitely, well at least until he is sure for his safety.

I was informed that there is a large crowds gathering in front of the Turkish Embassy, either they are supporters, the media or just onlookers.

In the meantime, PKR's President, Datin Seri Wan Azizah is due to make a formal report on the Inspector General of Police as well as the Attorney General for the alleged involvement in the fabrication of evidence during the 1998-99 court cases.

While PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as reported by Malaysiakini have 'denied that the government is involved in the explosive allegations that de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim had sodomised an aide.'

In the current situation those denial would of course be rubbished away, while those allegation against the IGP and AG will seems to be real. Politics is about perceptions and it is unfortunate for PM Abdullah Badawi that now most of the population perceived the BN government as being a corrupt government and Machiavellians in a way.

My main concerns is on how PM Abdullah will manage the political debacle. Public confidence is at all time low and economy is deteriorating.

Can Malaysia survive this crisis? We are equally battered economically and politically. Will this be the end of Malaysia greatness.

We can put a brake to the whole crisis if PM Abdullah really take charge! Either he fight like a real warrior, or he need to step down to let somebody else to take charge. We Malaysia are tired of politics and we need to move on with our life.

If a new leader is elected within UMNO, I hope there will be a fresh election to enable him to get the mandate from the people. This is vital for the country as it help in settling the dust. Let Anwar run for parliament.

In the meantime, we need to sustain the economy. With the price of oil is sky rocketing, a new economic strategy is required.

Is this the signs of an end of Malaysian once greatness?


Anonymous said...

totally agreed dude!!!!

Mugadawi said...

Long Live Zimbabwe Timur !

CHee XtheMan said...

Come on !!! YOU want to let Anwar to fight alone and die alone ? Is this going to make Malaysian a better place ? Now malaysia is a joke of the world.

We must fight for all this bullshit !! no place for this to happen again !!

how can an un-fit 60 years old man use force on a 23 year old young man ? Anwars would have been in Hospital by now !!

iskandar said...

I totally agree that the UMNO led government should call for election again,give the rakyat a say, a fresh mandate, for the present or alternate party to govern the country.

crower said...

The fate of Malaysia does not have any bearing on DSAI or the circumstances that surrounds DSAI. So whatever the outcome, Malaysia will always be Malaysia.

Important thing is :-

1. Everyone needs to calm down.

2 Let our Judicial System deal with it.

3.Who are we to say he is not guilty ?

4. Who are we to say that he is guilty ?

5. Do we really KNOW him ?

6. Wouldn't it be stupid for BN to play the same song twice ?

7. BN has been "educated" on the powers of internet the hard way.

8. The truth shall prevail in the end.

CHee XtheMan said...


1. There is a limit to calm down
2. Malaysian Judicial is CRAP and f$%kin corrupted !! Can't be trusted at all.

3 & 4, We human have made to be able to think logically and judge ... God have made human very special animal.

5. You and me may only know DSAI from TV and the ceramah. BUT people like DSAI ... is always busy go there and here to make things happen with a lot people surrounding him ...... can he ? Did he has to do this ? He is no longer young and he has wife and kids !! this no logic at all ... further more he had just making a huge come back in the politic arena ! Why he has to do this ?

6. NOT BN. It is Umno. Umno is feelling the heat and desperate to put an end to DSAI ... There were 3 gangs in Umno. They Bodowi gang, Mahathir gand and najip gang.

Najip and Mahathir gangs is very concern and fucking panic if DSAI to take over as PM.

As for Najip with C4 case surrounding him, indeed RPK have pushing Najip hard these days and he no longer wants to wait anymore and he has to be PM in order to save himself.

Why Sodomy again ? This is the weakest point of Anwar .... even it is not TRUE !!

But wait a minute ....IS UMNO thinks .... killing people and use c4 !! Which one is more seroius ?
I guess .... normal human will straight to tell you C4. Right !!

With allegation surrounding Najip & Wife and BOdowi and KJ.... they all should have been in prison now to assist any kind on investigation until they have concrete evidence to prove they were no involved. just making press statement ... is not good enough.

OKay !! another guy like Mahathir .... he had done what he had done ... just the judiciary ... it is enough to put in jail by now if for other country ... but in this bolehland ... he is still runing around and barking to everybody.

7. BN ? BN already die long time ago. It is UMNO still didn;t learned .... still same like before. Look at what they have done in 100 days .... :-) ya ... fuel price up 60%.

8. In this bolehland ... there is no truth any more, Malaysia is the Zimbabwe of Asia

crower said...

chee xtheman,

1. That's what I meant by keeping calm.

2. Based on your statements, you've already drawn your own conclusions on who's right and who's wrong.

3. Sometimes, reality is hard to accept.

4. If we don't believe in the judiciary, then what do we believe in to deliver justice ?

5. Please refrain from name calling like bodowi etc and profanity. It doesn't reflect much on your intellectuality which clearly shows on your methods of making conclusions.


CHee XtheMan said...


THe only people that still believe in the present judiciary is fair and square is only all the Umno guys.

Because they are on top of the chain !!

It is not hard for me at all.... it just the whole system under umno damn wrong. All umno guys has been brain DEAD no longer can make good decision and think logically
:-) hope you not one of them....

in Malaysia the only freedom was in internet .... I will say nice bodek words once UMNO have setup Internet ISA :-)

crower said...

chee xtheman,

1. If the judiciary is so corrupted, how come the court declared that the Sanglang seat which was won by BN to be vacated and ordered a by election ?

2. Whether I am UMNO or not is irrelevant, at least I've showed in my postings that I can be sensible when it comes to giving my opinions.

mental said...

Freedom comes with responsibility.

Choices of freedom ...

Freedom to kill?

Freedom to character assasinate?

Freedom to go to war?

Freedom to torture for info?

Do we really want TOTAL freedom?

Law of the jungle?