Thursday, May 22, 2008

PAS and UMNO Working Together?

It was reported that PAS and UMNO is planning to work together for the sake of the Malays community. So what?

There are some comments from those people like Haris Ibrahim that it is against the spirit of PR and Deklarasi Rakyat thingy.

I think the People's Parliament, or what ever this Haris guy called it, need to understand that there is nothing wrong if two different political parties work together for the benefit of the people. Hello... in other developed democracy country, it is common to have a bi-partisan kind of agenda.

We need to start working and enough of politics. Malaysian are choked with politics already lah.

Work on the economy, and for PR where is your bloody 'Shadow Cabinet'.

You can't asked the voters to give you people a blank cheque? We need to know what is the 'other' alternatives. How are PR is going to manage the country.

Don't bullshit about ISA and Corruption blah.. blah. blah..

People need money, job and food!

Tell us, what is the alternatives. We are tired of waiting. There is a lot more in governing other than road closure etc.

Grow up, be a government in waiting (If that is what you said you are)

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