Saturday, May 10, 2008

DAP Chairman, A Clown?

In my last post, I said that I can feel the breeze that Karpal is getting what he is asking for.

I think in Parliamnet, Karpal is fast replacing the former Jasin MP and is now is a good match for Kinabatangan MP. His behaviour in and out of parliament is pathetic.

We know that he was a good lawyer. Look I said 'Was'. He is now twisting his statements on the need to consult the Sultan on the appointment of Islamic officials. What a bull!

What does Karpal think he is. Does he think since PR won 82 seats, that will make him a new Resident of Perak under the Malayan Union?

How I wish the voters will kick this guy out in the next GE.

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Anonymous said...

The clown is you guys think u are always so correct when u see things only from your perspective. Just becos he stands up to his principles u guys jump at him. I wonder what the Sultan is thinking. Maybe he has no grudges on this whereas the SMS is the one hyping up this. I like a view from the Sultan so I know his stand on this. Dont go jumping mad just becos the SMS makes it a non-malay vs the royalty thing. What is right is right! Be mature enuf the take criticism as well to make them. If u question Karpal on such statements then why are u not questioning all the other BN reps that insulted the King and other royalty that makes seditious remakes? Why the double standards? U guys make me sick!!