Monday, April 21, 2008

Pak Lah is making amends, will he succeeds?

It seems that the Prime Minister is trying to make amends. First he accepted that it was a mistake for the executive to interfere in the judiciary, and today he announced the restructuring of ACA.

Well I must say that it is a way forward for Malaysian and for his political survival.

I am waiting to see if he will make a u-turn on the issue of IPMC as well.

If he realised the aspiration of most Malaysian by setting up the earlier proposed IPMC, he will make gains in public perception.

I can see that as at today he has won 2-0 against Mahathir in term of gaining positive public perception, though its would be better if he had announced this earlier before the GE12.

I would wonder if there is more surprises in the near future in term of gaining positive public perception for his leadership. I believed that PM will make more feel good announcement later this month.

We see ...

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