Friday, April 11, 2008

Forget Tun Mathahir, Let Us Move On

I think we should move on. Forget Tun Mahathir, he is history now. He has done his part and we say thank you to him for all of his contribution.

I think what is more important is how we manage the current situation and plan what is important for our country future!

Setting a commission to deal with Tun Mahathir wrong doing and probable corrupt practice is not a move forward!

Enough with politicking! BN won, although not with a 2/3 majority, but still with a comfortable 50 seats. In other democracy countries, that is quite an achievement already!

For Pakatan Rakyat, just forget about getting those 30 seats to form a Federal Government, stop being anxious. Concentrate on making those votes (most are protest votes) into permanent votes for PR in the next election.

PR has not won the election, so stop behaving like winners.

What is important now is to form a shadow cabinet to provides alternative to BN. We (voters) want to see what alternative policies we have got to many policies developed by BN. Show us what you can do if you are elected to power!

We want to see more than just a 'Modern Mega Pigs Rearing Farm' !

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