Thursday, April 10, 2008

DAP intent to leave Pakatan Rakyat?

I believe that DAP has threaten PAS that it will leave Pakatan Rakyat if PAS insist on its Islamic State agenda.

Well we wonder what will happen if the threat us real.

One thing is sure, that Perak will fall back to UMNO! Selangor will need a fresh state election, and after the PIG huhaha, UMNO will wins back the state...

What else?

Happy everybody?


Anonymous said...

Maybe that is good for all of us. The people voted them for different reasons. And they are only united because of their anti-BN stance. That is not good enough. Separation is better than having the whole country burn!

Anonymous said...

'i believe' ... it is your 'believe'
"... leave Pakatan Rakyat?" ... questionable question mark

i think it is good for dap to leave PR .. since dap has nothing to contribute ...

i certainly agree with u, perak n selangor will be gone ... penang and ns dap will rot soon enough, johor dap will be wipe out ...

will take dap another 20 years to
the present strength ... cos we dont believe you anymore ..