Monday, March 10, 2008

On Being Sensible - Perak MB

It seems some political party supporter/ followers are claiming Perak MB. Well if DAP really want the MB post, then GO and TAKE it!

But then don't blame us for not reminding DAP of the backlash in the next GE! BN will use this as an issue to scare all those kampung people and/or even moderate/ urban malays in Perak, they will Vote for BN/UMNO next time around on the ground of 'Ketuanan Melayu'.

This are sensitive/ real issues on the ground. The support DAP got from the Malays are protest votes, don't get coy. Most Malay don't support Malaysian Malaysia ideology. Perhaps some in the urban/ middle class do, but most votes will come from Malays in the rural areas.

We cant run away with the real/actual situation on the ground. Anwar promised them he will look after the Malays in most of his ceramah. The Malays believe him, so they voted for DAP.

If Anwar is seen not being able to take care the appointment of Perak MB, then BN will tell the people, look he cant even settle that, how he is going to take care the Malays.

Don't get too excited here! In 1999, history has shown that PAS victory in Terengganu was only due to protest votes. Then PAS thought that it was their ideology that people voted for. Some of the votes we are getting are actually protest votes, against Pak Lah and KJ.

Social/ political change is about evolution not revolution. DAP supporters is scaring the Malays away as too PAS is scaring DAP supporters away ... Let us be sensible here, let us be real.

Let us not get out of touch with the actual situation. Let not victory blind us. Let not be like BN!

(added: What is more important is for the elected members to prove their worth, so the protest votes will be permanent votes in the next GE. Quarrel about Positions or Ideology now, then BR/ BA will pay a dear price come next GE!)

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KF Chan said...

I agree totally with you. No point giving bullets to BN. Don't let ego stand in the way. I have no problem with a malay MB. Why should I? Aren't we pushing for a non-racial government after all?

It's time for the Opposition to work like a real Barisan Rakyat and look at the big picture. God forbid that you screw up big time arguing with one another over position and next GE hand it back to BN.