Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DAP Little Mullah Napolean?

Is political ideology is more important than the principle of working together?

I am baffle as why some of us are still debating on the issue of Perak MB... It seems that MB positions is so important for DAP supporters (and it seems there is this race issues of Malay Vs Chinese), even though the state constitution say otherwise.

In my earlier posting I did say if they really want it, just take it. But thats going to be the end of it... for DAP in Malays majority states.

Do you really think there is changes in the structure of Malaysian political landscape? Get real here.. We are benefiting from protest votes, not changes in political mindset! We are going deeper in the fallacy of PAS Islamic States in Terengganu in 1999. Thinking that people are finally subscribing to our ideology.

You know what? Come 2013, the Malays will be rallied by UMNO/ BN to vote against DAP. The issue of 'Ketuanan Melayu' will be a favorite issue in that election. It will be back to status quo.

When the Chinese vote the oppositions, the Malays will flocking back to BN! Why? Most Malays that I know are reluctant to the idea of a Chinese MB in Perak! And most of them VOTED for the alternatives! And those people dont read blogs!

It seems (sadly) that most of the Malays community, in except a minority in the urban areas, still believe in ethnic political base. Tell me I am not real. But that is the general feeling.

We must not loose touch with people on the ground? Hello there... Some people will disagree, but this is real. Some tell me, we got to educate, yes, i agree, but changing one believe is not a two days affair.

A wounded Lion is more dangerous! UMNO and BN will fight back. They have got the resources. Some people say UMNO and BN are history. Being confident is good, but being modest is better! Are we forgetting that UMNO still have almost 80 seats in parliment? Do you think Taib Mahmud would cross over? Come on.. In addition the Malays are very forgiving community... UMNO may re-package themselves, thus attracting Malays back into their stable.

How many Malays really think like Raja Petra, Haris Ibrahim etc. Seriously, NOT MANY! Not many will subscribe the concept of Malaysian Malaysia! You ask those kampung folks, are they ready to sacrifice their special status/ rights?

Instead of pulling them voters to us, we are pushing our ideology to them! We are just like Hadi Awang on being GELOJOH! What happen if you push something to somebody, the natural reaction will be RESISTANCE!

On the issue of Perak MB one have to remember that politics are like chess. Every move we make now will have impact on our next move.. Therefore a player must plan well ahead on each move he makes.

Early gains will not guarantee a check mate at end game. Some opponent will sacrifice some pawns for a queen or bishops. If a player is tricked into accepting a pawn, then he might lost his queen.. later on..

It is a game of tactical and strategies.

Accept a pawn now, loose a queen next 4-5 years- what is our consideration? Or leave the pawn and ignore the baits, but check-mate later for the sake of winning the game..

Remember our actions is being closely watch… Being and acting like a DAP little mullah napolean (who ensure that everybody else comply to their ideology) will not help.

We can be an idealist, but what about others? We are ready, are they? Politics is about sentiments, sentiment is based on perception.

Once a person perceived he is loosing for something, he will react.. As a politicians, leaders need satisfy his constituents…

By the way I appreciate that www.malaysiakini.com has become more matured in reporting events before and after the 2008 general election.



Anonymous said...

We are just like Hadi Awang on being GELOJOH!

Most apt description of this fellow ....

Toak Ayah Nik Aziz or even Anwar Ibrahim must whisper some sense into this Hadi Awang ....

Instead of asking Pak Lah to resign , I should like PAS members to ask Hadi Awang to step down he lost miserably in Terengganu as he was more interested in Form rather than Substance ...

It's like PAS version of Islam Hadhari ....

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

You're right in your views. I am a malay, an UMNO member, but frankly i refused to support UMNO (apt present until AAB+KJ are thrown out.

If you say UMNO is racist, DAP to malays is even racist !!

For us, we labelled DAP as Un-DAP in actual fact. Meaning Un-Democratic Action Party. Alast DAP says the uphold constitution, however in Perak case, it is clearly enacted that (presently, until it is ammended or repelled) only Malay can be appointed as Menteri Besar. You can labelled me as racist because you are racist as well, seen and unforeseen, implied and unimplied. That's facts.

So, put all the differences aside, let's progress. The PRU13, which can be called anytime before 8th March 2013 (even next week, next year PRU13 can be called).

However, we will give time to evaluate how you fair when the time comes.

Thank yopu.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha...DAP little mullah napoleon..ha ha ha ha