Friday, March 14, 2008

DAP is one Bastard Liar

Sorry, I got to make it clear! That is how I feel about DAP. We thought it was Malaysia for Malaysian, not it was clear yesterday, really it should read, Malaysia for Chinese!

It seem election gains has gone up in their head!

They apologized, good! BUT IT'S TOO LATE! Damage has been done!

Total disrespect to the HRH The Sultan of PERAK, and total disrespect for the people who voted for them!

I thought BN was bad! DAP is worst! Cant wait for the next GE. We sure will vote them out!

It is better to live with a devil that we know (BN), than sleeping with a devil that we don't know (DAP). They suck your blood when you are sleeping, yet you thought that you are among friends!



Anonymous said...

I'm just curious or maybe I'm too blind. I thought LKS support PKR candidate ? And PKR candidate is Malay. Why people call LKS racist ? Did I miss something here ? Then Shahidan and PM now against Raja Perlis decision, how do we call them???

Anonymous said...

to me i can consider any other opposition againts the present govt leadership but never will with the DAP , because of what u have clearly mention and with more reasons of my own againts them.


Ismail said...

cool bro, the new guys are trying to get use with each other, give them time to understand the sensitivity. let them to put their act together

Anonymous said...

Agree.. Bastard LKS-LGE-KS !!! Fuck them out in GE13