Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zainuddin Maidin, BERSIH and Al Jazeera

Zainuddin Maidin or was it Maideen? I did notice that there was a minister of information or did I hardly noticed him. Or was I...

But really this poor chap was really pathetic. I wonder what the criteria for Pak Lah to appoint this lousy chap who normally known as Zam as a full minister. We all knew that this guy was the greatest 'AMPU' of all during 'Tun M' regime. And now, what is this guy trying to do?

He hardly work as a minister of RTM! Or was it because election was just around the corner and he suddenly felt there is this urgent need for his presence to be felt by Pak Lah! I reckon that he knew this would be his last term as minister, maybe?

So the next best thing to do is to 'AMPU' again. Pathetic I would say!

His comment about Al Jazeera was shameful. You cant expect that Al Jazeera be like RTM or even TV3! Those news agency arent there to 'AMPU' like you. Look at all the comments in www.malaysiakini.com , I am sure UMNO supporter or member would agree with me that this Zam chap is ridiculous.

Probably UMNO members need to learn a few tricks from those BERSIH people on crowd handling or even getting people to attend such 'Perhimpunan' that dont pay for attendance. Coming to that, I like to ask Datuk Sri Najib, can UMNO really get a number of masses in a 'Perhimpunan' for free? You really think Datuk Sri? I remember when I was attending a 'Perhimpunan' organised by UMNO once or twice.

What I can say is that, we will get food, allowances etc. Did people who attended BERSIH demonstration got 'makan'?

I think UMNO is loosing good leaders! There are good people in UMNO too you know! But good people and leaders are just not welcome or they be kick out by those bad hats.

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Edwin Masripan, said...

i cant make any word of what he's saying. jap, a word maybe bole la. but the whole sentence? crap.

i wonder why aljazeera called him.